• If it’s just a one off garden tidy up or call us as
    you need us, then this is for you.
    We bring along all basic gardening tools (lawn
    mowers, ladders, spades, rakes, loppers and
    shears) we also carry power tools like hedge
    cutters, strimmer and blowers.
    If you would like a tall ladder or long reach
    hedge trimmer on the day please inform us so
    we can bring it along the correct tools.
    Please note when booking your slot that a 2/4/8
    hour is the fixed minimum price for the call out.If you are not sure of exactly how long it will
    take, our popular 2 hour slot is perfect for you
    as the professional gardeners will provide
  •  2 hours* 2 gardeners @ £120 + Vat
     4 hours* 2 gardeners @ £220 + Vat
     8 hours* 2 gardeners @ £420 + Vat
  • We also offer a tailored service
  • Please be aware of Green Waste charges
    outlined below.

If you prefer to sort out the waste then
please supply us with Council bags or bins
on the day or heavy duty black bags. We do
not leave our bags unless they are full and
we need to return to collect them in a 2nd Tip
We use tonne bags also known as builder’s
bags or bulk bags.
We do not charge weight per bag but on
gardeners handling weight, transportation,
waste licence and weighbridge costs to
remove green waste only of site.
Please confirm how you wish to handle the
green waste on the day
The cost for one large full bag
removed to a commercial London
waste centre is £40 + vat per bag.

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