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Artificial Grass Cleaner

£3.20 per m²
Artificial grass cleaner: 5m2 sprayed = £2.5

Garden Design

Cutting Hedge can offer traditional garden Hand rendered or Computer-aided garden design. Our garden design service includes a free consultation to design. Please note prices are an indication and subject to change after a free consultation.

Green Waste Removal

Green waste is removed by Large tonne bags. Please select the amount of Bags you will need. If you require moGreen Waste Removal on the day this can be purchased online and displaying the checkout order to the gardeners. • No refunds on green waste. • All Bags belong to Cutting Hedge.

Irrigation Systems

Cutting Hedge irrigation systems offer a professional design based on your own garden. Cutting edge irrigation systems our sister company can offer all automatic watering systems across London and Surrey.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing or Jet washing can be done to nearly all surfaces. At Cutting Hedge we can offer both organic

Royal Grass® Deluxe

£32.08 per m²
The highly praised flagship is made from three shades of green. A beautiful and full quality artificial grass. Strength, colour and liveliness are brought together in this ultimate product.

Royal Grass® EcoSense

£33.75 per m²
Soft, seductively beautiful and also the only type of artificial grass that is truly 100% recyclable: all ingredients come from one product group and can be reused to produce new components for artificial grass.

Royal Grass® Lush

£28.75 per m²
The fibers are close together so the artificial grass looks extra lush. A natural yellow brownish colour gives this artificial grass a warm, late summer look. Royal Grass Lush is made with the innovative ReaDY® technology so the blades of grass each have their own growth direction. An ideal product for anyone who wants a luxurious lawn.

Royal Grass® Seda

£20.42 per m²
A tough and robust artificial grass that looks great. Seda has the same outstanding quality you can expect from Royal Grass but with a low price tag, made possible by a smaller pile height of 30mm.

Royal Grass® Sense

£28.75 per m²
Sense is the youngest member of the Royal Grass® family: a beautiful, soft and lifelike quality because of ReaDY technology. There’s no other quality with a frizz as nice as Sense. This makes it an ideal quality if you look for a grass with a natural appearance.

Royal Grass® Silk 25

£22.08 per m²
Our economic choice, but still with the full and natural Royal Grass look. 25mm tall grass fibers. Fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.

Royal Grass® Silk 35

£27.92 per m²
A best-seller among families with young children. A strong, silky quality with nice, full and high fibers. A very popular quality, especially at day-care centres and nurseries.