Terms And Conditions

Cutting Hedge Group trading as Cutting-hedge.com Ltd Terms and Conditions 

The use of cutting-hedge.com Ltd services is an acceptance of our terms and conditions based on a contract between cutting-hedge.com Ltd and the client
these terms are emailed to all clients and are outlined on our website.

Garden Maintenance
• Weekly garden maintenance is based on 12 months Fa year having fortnightly visits December and January
• Fortnightly garden maintenance is based on 12 months a year and monthly visits December and January
• Monthly garden maintenance is based on 12 months a year.
• Commercial garden maintenance is based on a contract with a month’s written notice.
• A calendar months notice must be given in writing to cancel any regular garden maintenance services such as weekly, fortnightly and monthly visits been commercial or domestic
• In the event of not being able to access the garden on the scheduled day of visit, 100% charge will apply and the same in the instance of late cancellation (less than 24 hours).
• If gardeners are turned away during a planned visit a 100% charge will apply.
• Being mobile and driving around to get to A and then B can cause delays. Do allow delay time with your booking between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Cancellations, materials and inaccessibility policy:

  • In the event of not being able to access the garden on the scheduled day of visit, 100% charge will apply and the same in the instance of late cancellation (less than 24 hours).
    • A calendars months notice must be given in writing to cancel any regular garden maintenance services such as weekly, fortnightly and monthly visits been commercial or domestic.
    • If materials are involved, we will need 120 hours or five (31) days notice; if materials have been ordered, the Client is liable for 100% payment of materials.

Payment terms:

  • A 10% deposit at cutting-hedge.com discretion before job commences, Deposits are not refundable due to cancellation by the client.
    • An invoice will be emailed at the end of each job or at the end of the month.
    • Payment should be made within 5 days of the date of the invoice; we reserve the right to add interest for late payments.
    • All materials will belong to cutting-hedge.com Ltd until full payment has been made.
    • All prices, materials, plants and and any fee are subject to 20% VAT.
    • Cutting Hedge reserves the right to change our prices of service by writing to the client with in a months notice period.


    • Late payments will be charged at 8% after 30 days
    • We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation if we are not paid according to our agreed credit terms.
    • The amount of compensation  claim is:
      • For invoices up to £999.99, the claim will be £40 per invoice
      • For invoices from £1,000 – £9,999.99, he claim will be £70 per invoice

      • All payments should reach cutting-hedge.com Ltd by due date

• 10% deposit for booking in Landscaping Job, will confirm a start date
• 40% payment when materials are on site or halfway. 
• 25% due to finishing part of garden  or 10 days  before finishing
• 25% on completion of Job or task
• For Larger Jobs, the quote is divided into parts.  Each part of the Job is due when complete.

Parking permits:

  • Change or parking permits will be required on day of visit.
    • We can try and park on the drive if possible; any payment charges for parking will be invoiced to the client and will include VAT.General requirements and client liability:

    • In the absence of outside access to the garden site, where it is required for the team to access the garden via the house, we ask the client to protect all floors, walls, doors, furniture and any other object that might become damaged whilst we access the garden.
    • Cutting Hedge can offer during maintenance a free Dust sheet to cover floors.
    • Cutting Hedge can offer during landscaping free Dust sheets when required as standard.  If you require a new dust sheet or rubber mats will be charged at £150 + vat per landscaping job based on 10meter length. A discussion for further protection must be discussed by the client with the team if in doubt before the job starts. We suggest if passing through the house you add your own protection to your property. We remove all Cutting Hedge protection from floors when not in use by staff.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any theft whilst the front door is left open to allow access to the garden.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any theft of any materials overnight or on weekends. We strongly suggest all materials be stored in the rear garden.

    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to the internal structure of the house while accessing the garden
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to irrigation systems caused by frost, freezing or malfunction, we offer 2 x maintenance service and this is by request only.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to the external structure of the house whilst passing tools, green waste and aggregates through the house to the garden. Sheds, bikes, bins, glass, brick or any other object should be moved and/or protected before work begins.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to wiring, satellites, phone lines, roof tiles and down pipes. These areas should always be kept clear from climbers and foliage; if we have to prune these areas we cannot be held responsible for cut wires, loose bricks, roof tiles moving, satellites moving and down pipes cracking or dropping.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to pipes, irrigation tubes, garden lighting, soil pipes and drains in the hidden event. The hidden event means anything under soil or plants.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot be held responsible for smashed or cracked glass if builders have been on site. If Building has taken place proper cleaning of debris must be done before any machinery will be used. In most cases re turfing lawn and pressure cleaning must be arranged.
    • Underground digging near services on the property or site are required to be accurately identified to us by drawing and in writing before we are required to commence the work. cutting-hedge.com Ltd will not accept liability for damage to services thus indicated and we expressly disclaim any liability for damage to services within the site or property.
    • If you have glass, bi folding, sliding, shed summerhouses, any other doors or glass structures that can get damaged by stones, machinery or gardening please protect them and mention it to the team on the day. We recommend a clear plastic film installed to all outside windows and the correct tape to all timber, PVC and aluminum trims.
    • When drilling into walls, brick, sheds or fencing to attach trailing lines we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by old structures while drilling or attaching eyelets and wire hooks.
    • Cutting-hedge.com will observe tress to offer recommendations. The owner / tenant of the trees should inspect and arrange tree work for damaged, cracked, branch growth and structural stability. It is the responsibility of the site owner / managing agent / land owner / tenant to arrange regular works carried out on any trees.
    • Photography of gardens and works will be taken and can be shown on our website, Face book, Google + or any other means of print or publication without permission. All images will belong and be copy-written to cutting-hedge.com Ltd.
    • The client will be responsible to provide a toilet or the hire of a portaloo
    • Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd can hire skips, buy materials,  hire a portaloo, and apply for permits on behalf of the client. All skips, portaloos, materials, and permits are 3rd party and will not be part of Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd as we are not providers or manufacturers of the mentioned. Should any damages, theft, and/or defects occur, Cutting-Hedge. com Ltd will try to resolve this on behalf of the client as best as we can but ultimately it will be between the client and the 3rd party. We don’t offer any warranty or guarantee on any materials and this will be between the client and 3rd party.

Working hours break times:

For a two (2) hours slot, the team will take up to 15 minutes break
For a four (4) hours slot, the team will take a 15 minutes break
For an eight (8) hours slot, the team will take two (2) 15 minutes and one (1) 30 minutes break.

For a two  (2) hours slot, the time on site will be a minimum of 1.5hours and a maximum of 2 hours.
For a four (4) hours slot, the time on site will be a minimum of 3.5hours and a maximum of 4 hours.
For an eight (8) hours slot, the time on site will be a minimum of 7.5hours and a maximum of 8  hours.
Due to operational arrangements on a day-to-day basis, staff will need to collect and return to base. The travel time is split to all bookings and breaks during the working day.

For longer jobs, the use of a toilet will be needed on site. Any Portable toilets will be charged as an additional. If a Portable toilet is required a permit will be needed if on the street. The Hire will be based on a 3rd Party Hire and will be the responsibility of the client.

Natural landscaping materials:

• Natural products like wood, stone and living products can have a variation in appearance, and not one item is the same as the other. Wood products can have cracks, scratches, knots, and even holes from insects in.
• Wood products can be treated, untreated and spray treated and is important for the client to maintain its appearance and life after completion. In the event of the client not been happy with the materials the client will be held responsible to removal, collection and delivery charges.
• Wood products can warp, bend, twist, shrink, contract and crack. cutting-hedge.com Ltd does not offer any guarantee against this once we have completed erecting and building any structure.
• All wood products must be kept in good health by regularly treating or painting it with the correct product.
Painting of Sheds and Fences can result in warping, bending, twisting, shrinking, contracting, and cracking if not painted on both sides. As one side will be open to the elements allowing it to dry out more quickly than the painted side.
•Weather conditions can cause materials to dry at different speeds which may result in cracking. Cement and other compounds are prone to cracking as a result of movement and weather conditions. Cutting Hedge will always return to try to resolve this as best as we can.
• Jointing also referred to as pointing can crack as it is subjected to weather conditions. We however would not expect it to crack unless there are issues relating to Natural elements.
• It’s advisable to seal the stone before laying. Throughout the construction process, the stone may become soiled by soil, fruits, leaves, dust, bird droppings, and other elements, impacting its appearance. Moss and algae can also lead to staining, either on the surface or deeply ingrained in the stone. While Cutting Hedge will wash the stone multiple times during operations, we cannot guarantee its appearance.
• Movement of platforms or posts may occur due to adjustments in the subbase, walls, frames, and soil in the initial months after completion. These movement factors might necessitate fixing the structure or platform to address the issue. Cutting Hedge will explore potential solutions with you; however, we cannot assume responsibility for any associated costs.
• Tress and Shrubs on site can cause movement and as a result may lift and crack structures.
• Natural or manufactured products utilized in landscaping are subject to wear, erosion, cracking, chipping, or staining. These defects may occur during or after completion of the task. While Cutting Hedge can assist in resolving such issues, we cannot accept responsibility for any associated costs.
• Soil conditions can have structural consequences, for example, clay is hard in summer and soft/saturated in winter. All our foundations are based on the Height of the required project. All paving has a membrane, Subase, and cement under it to avoid movement. But this can still happen as a result of movement and roots.

Cutting Hedge will always do our best to resolve this situation with the client.  However, we offer No guarantee against this.

Irrigation and watering

  • Cutting- hedge.com will offer a service plan for Spring and Winter. After installation, we will demonstrate and sign it off.
    • It will be up to the client to take cutting-hedge.com up on the service plan, if you do not we cannot offer any care to a failed system left over winter as frozen pipes can lead to a week system in future.
    • We don’t offer emergency call outs and it is advised you are aware on how to switch of the system in the event of burst water pipes or animal damage.
    • We don’t cover any damages caused by burst, damaged pipes or leaks in any event. The client will be responsible for the irrigation system and advice his or hers home insurance of the irrigation system if it is on a roof, building or shed that can cause damage to property. Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd will not be responsible for any irrigation in this situation.
    • Rainwater harvesting and soakaways can back up and cause flooding. We strongly suggest you mention to your home insurance if you operate any irrigation / harvesting systems. Cutting Hedge can not be responsible for flash flooding,  malfunctioning pumps, full soak aways or saturated soil that can cause any damage.
    • We don’t offer any guarantees on any living product where neglect of not watering it has accrued.
    The equipment will be covered by a full 12-month warranty from the completion date or spring start up date for winter installations. A 24 month warranty will apply to systems that are maintained by Cutting Hedge  also trading as Cutting Edge Irrigation.
    • The manufacturer warranty will be an agreement directly between the client and the manufacturer.

Plants, Planting and Turf

  • Cutting-hedge.com will offer 1 months guarantee on all plants supplied and planted by us only. We do not offer a guarantee to plants that have been neglected by means of watering, feeding and after care.
  • We can not guarantee turf after 24 hours (if not watered) of completing turfing if signed off as satisfactory. Satisfactory will be an inspection by staff and client on completion.
  • During works carried out by Cutting Hedge, plants may need to be moved. Please note sometimes they may not survive.
    After 3 days if you notice issues we will returf the infected areas free of charge.

    After 1 week if you notice issues we will supply free turf and charge for labor and waste.
    We will not supply or repair any turf that has not been watered, dried out, animal damage, or human damage from walking on it.
  • Turf is a living product and under no circumstance do we offer a guarantee past the 1 week period. Our advice we offer is from professional growers found at

Pruning and aftercare

  • Looking after plants by means of watering is something that should be done every other day or as seasons require.
  • Pruning, shearing, hedge cutting is a process of reducing a plant. We can advise the customer of the correct time for this to be done. The customer has a right to instruct us otherwise.
  • Pruning, shearing, hedge cutting has no guarantee on how the hedge will react to cutting it. We always suggest aftercare be done and allow 2 seasons before hard pruning again for natural regrowth.
  • Perennials and biannuals can sometimes be caught by severe weather conditions, we can’t guarantee plants subjected to cold, wet, and frosty conditions.
  • Replanting has a 50/50 chance of surviving. There is no guarantee the plant will take in its new position.

Electrics and Lighting

  • All Electrics and Lighting will be between you and the electrical contractor of choose cutting-hedge.com are not electricians and we will not be responsible for any damages caused by faults to and electrics.
    •Cutting Hedge is not certified to install or modify electrical points. All modifications to any Electrical works will be charged as additional.
    •Cutting Hedge can work alongside an electrician but all work will be between the electrician and the client. We are unfamiliar with which cables are left or connected in the garden and this will be between the client and the electrician to ensure it is safe for Cutting hedge staff and for you to use during and at the end of the works.

    • We can or might have suggested an electrician but we do not employ electricians it will be between the client and electrician undertaking the work to certify all the correct procedures have been implemented.
    • We can install a plug to operate and device.

Landscaping  / Garden construction:

• All parking permits will incur additional charges.
• Electricity and water must be available unless previously arranged. Additional charges will apply for generators and fuel.
• A toilet facility will be required on-site. Portable toilets will be charged as additional, and the contract for their hire is between the client and the hire company. If a portable toilet is necessary on the street, a permit will be required. It is strongly advised to insure the toilets against theft and damages as Cutting Hedge will not be held responsible for any incidents.
• Any additional items or work must be discussed before instructing staff to proceed.
• We offer you on-the-quote protection while we do the work for windows, doors and walls. If there is anything else you have concern about please do mention it.
•   We offer a driveway pressure wash at a discounted rate or if we have time no charge. We don’t offer any window or exterior cleaning and the client will need to arrange it at their own expense. We do wash it down with a hose or washer.
• Garden clearance is priced per day based on a visual estimate. However, if the scope increases due to access issues, contractor delays, or obstructions, we reserve the right to charge additional time based on the original estimate/quote.
• Additional works may incur extra charges.
• Any materials not included in the initial quote will be subject to additional charges. We typically order up to 10% extra slabs or one to two extra of each item to account for chips, damages, or wastage. Leftover materials are non-refundable, and clients are welcome to keep them.
• All materials delivered to the site must be inspected for defects. The customer is responsible for ensuring adequate storage to prevent theft for materials left outside. • While Cutting Hedge is fully insured, it is advisable to inform your home insurance provider in advance, as unforeseen situations may arise.

Skips and waste

Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd has a Lower Tier  Licence – This allows us to remove and (“only carry waste they produced in the course of carrying out their business”) carry green waste that we have generated only.

  • Cutting- hedge.com will include a skip on all jobs if stated on the quotation.
    • If a permit is necessary, clients must directly coordinate with the skip company to arrange for a skip. All skip permits will incur additional charges. These costs will encompass application processing times, skip management, trampolines, cleaning, and lighting if Cutting Hedge manages these aspects.
    • Cutting-hedge.com cannot guarantee the precise number of skips required for a job. Skip quotes serve as estimates but may vary in practice. Clients are responsible for ordering additional skips if needed to complete the job. Skip prices may exceed standard rates to accommodate Cutting Hedge’s third-party insurance premium. 
    • It is between the client and the skip company to resolve any damages caused to the property, public and council areas.
    • Cutting- hedge.com offers free skip lights and covering of the skip each day while on-site.
    • All waste generated will be the responsibility of the client to arrange waste removal if a skip is not arranged.
    • At the end of each job we carry leftover waste from previous jobs, we will ensure the cycle continues by removing your waste at the end when a skip is not available.
    • If delays happen due to no skip or waste collection the client will be liable to pay for Cutting- hedge.com staff wages

Quotation and gardening slot booking

• Cutting- hedge.com use email as means of invoicing, quotation and bookings. All emails between client and cutting-hedge.com Ltd are a means of contract and acceptance of our terms and conditions.
• A quotation is a legal bidding document that you the client have accepted the terms and conditions.
• Variations to working time is adjustable by the gardener if gardening duties have been completed, no deductions will be given to any booked slots.
• All Slots are a time indication and this can include unpacking tools, collection of materials, packing of van, travel, green waste removal, green waste recycling, breaks and verbal conversations with manager and owner.
• Pre booked one off slots are not based on hourly charge. Slots are based on work quantity, insurance, van, fuel, staff and knowledge to undertake gardening duties. Cutting-hedge.com are not time watchers therefore no deductions will be given for time management.
• All Slots will have 2 gardeners on duty. Dependent on season a Two, Four and Eight hour slot can include one(1), two(2) or three(3) gardeners this is calculated on maximum time spent in the garden. An example is if you book a 2 Hour slot and one gardener attends we will charge you for a 2 hour slot but stay a maximum of 4 hours.
• 2,4, 8-hour bookings are an indication of time spent on site.  If a 2,4 or 8 hour is booked, and we can’t complete the task and must return, additional time (slot/s) must be booked at additional cost.
• Variations to landscaping, garden design, fencing, turfing, artificial grass and any other outlined job on quotation will be charged for at a given hourly rate per hour per gardener. Any materials, waste, skips used will be charged as an additional item on invoice.
• Staff members have no authority to make changes. Verbal discussions will not be accepted to any staff members and any changes should be emailed.

Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday 8:00 to 16:00
    • Saturday Closed
    • Sunday Closed

Cutting Hedge reserves the right to change prices, cancel a service, or return a deposit by giving a month’s notice to any service with Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd

Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd is VAT registered
Cutting-Hedge.com Ltd  Incorporated on 9 June 2004