Sender Information

Cutting Hedge Landscaping Tool check

Month & Date

Performed By

Was van washed

Was Back of van cleaned

Van Registration

Van Mileage

Is All dirt soil removed from van?

Item Description


Passenger Door

Drivers Door

Side Doors

Van Key checked
and working

Spare Key checked and

Shed Keys

Ladder Keys

Eye protection x 2

First aid Box /
stock level full and checked

Break Lights all working?

Front Lights all Working?

Parking Lights all Working?

Oil Levels

Windscreen Liquid

Dashboard messages

Passenger Front Tyre Condition

Passenger Rear Tyre Condition

Drivers front Tyre

Drivers rear Tyre

Floor mats

Sat Nav

Spare Tyre

Seat Covers

Seat Belts

Seats conditions

Electric Charge cable 240V

Electric Charge cable 22kw

Break down Rac sticker

Service Manual

Breakdown Camera

New Damages to Van

Wash the Van this Month?

Covid safety equipment