Patio Pointing


Cutting hedge Landscapes has tried nearly all means of pointing. Pointing meaning the finishing process to the gaps between any  new patio.

The most common process is a mixture of sand and cement mixed with a solution of water proffer.This is then used with a trowel and pointing tool and pushed into the gaps around the slab.

Some of the products on the market can include:

  • Mortar pointing
  • Wet and Dry Grouting
  • Sand jointing
  • Jointing Compounds
  • Epoxy joint mortar


Cutting Hedge paving has worked with them all and over the years has tested each product. We have found that sand and cement along with Gftk jointing mortars are the best.
Gtfk Vdw 850 is by far the best. Vdw 850 allows for

  • Fast, durable, cost effective
  • Easily flow applied
  • Water permeable
  • Self-compacting
  • Mechanical sweeper resistant
  • Excellent abrasion resistancet
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • No weeds or boring insects
  • Can be applied in the rain
  • Environmentally friendly

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