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Enjoy the easy life installed by Cutting Hedge London Artificial grass

Mowing the lawn? Trimming the edges? Let’s be frank, there are more enjoyable things to do in your free time. With Royal Grass®, you will have more time to enjoy those things. With no effort, your grass will always look perfectly mown and tended. Even better: Royal Grass® doesn’t need a drop of water, no matter how hot or dry it is. Which means you can enjoy a beautiful lawn with minimum maintenance.
The advantages

• Royal Grass offers a 15 year warranty.
• A beautiful green lawn all year round – with minimum maintenance.
• A lawn that can withstand intensive use without developing bald patches or brown spots.
• Go ahead and sell your lawn mower! You will no longer need it, nor will you have to deal with the annual cost of watering, spraying and reseeding.
• The best part is, you can install artificial turf where normal grass will not grow, whether in the shade, under a roof or even on a balcony or roof terrace.
• Royal Grass® feels wonderfully soft to the touch and has a guaranteed long life span with a 15-year warranty.


Innovative technology It is Royal Grass’ mission to create artificial grass that looks natural and is sustainable. During our search for creating the best artificial grass we have continuously researched options to offer higher quality and more natural looks.

We have put our focus even more on natural grass; more than any other company has ever done before..
Royal Grass V-Shape® The V-shape fibre is a perfect imitation of blades of natural grass. As nature has already developed this shape millions of years ago, there was no need for us to redesign it.
Micro Nerve Technology ® Thanks to micro nerve technology (MiNT®) we can create fibres with great resilience and less glare. These fibres look very natural and feel nice and soft.

Realistic Directional Yarn ® ReaDY technology is Realistic Directional Yarn. This is how the threads of turf are sewed into the backing. Natural grass is in no way uniform, so this method helps to make the artificial lawn appear to be real.

15-year product warranty Royal Grass provides an expiring warranty of 15 years on all defects that can be attributed to the manufacturing of the product.

Focus on quality and safety

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Safety has been an absolute priority of ours since starting the company in 2003. By safety we mean that it should be possible to use all our products without any risk at all of health problems.

That’s why, in 2004, we asked Dutch research institute TNO to test our artificial grass. TNO used the EN71-3 standard to do so. This European standard applies to toys and is one of the strictest standards in the safety area. It states that products may only be considered safe if there are zero PAHs (or any other harmful substances released if the toys are played with or sucked on.

In 2004 it was shown that our products meet this strict EN71-3 standard. That has reinforced our decision to always feel completely comfortable marketing the Royal Grass® brand. In 2016 we retested our products. Conclusion?

Our products and the components we advice still meet the strict EN71-3 standard. This means that we can say with certainty that Royal Grass® artificial grass is just as safe as toys. We already knew that, but it is good to have had that reconfirmed.

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